How to read Vauxhall Astra J PIN Code with Key Pro M8

Key Pro M8 is a comprehensive is an auto key programmer that can not only program key, but also read detail vehicle information, like VIN and pin code. Here is an example of getting Vauxhall Astra J 2012 pin code with MVP M8 key pro.

Well install key pro m8 software
Connect m8 key pro diagnostic locksmith tool main unit with vehicle via OBD socket
Power on the device
Come to main menu. Select vehicle make: GM/Opel


Select vehicle region: EURO (European)


Select vehicle model: Vauxhall Astra J


Select “IMMOBILIZER” from the function list


Switch ignition to ON
Wait the MVP Key Pro M8 is communicating with vehicle module, and finally display detail vehicle information: VIN number and PIN CODE number.


Switch ignition OFF. Start to program new keys or exit the Key Pro M8 software program.