Free MPPS V13.02 software driver and installation on Win 7

MPPS V13.02 EDC16 ECU Tuning Remap Chip tuning CAN Flasher is default to be installed on Windows XP operating system, but some have achieved it on Win 7. Here is the instruction on installing Mpps v13.02 on Win 7.

The instruction fits MPPS V13.02 K+CAN USB cable (SE74, SE74-B)/SMPS MPPS interface with a Driver disk
If the driver CD is broken, you can free download MPPS V13.02 driver software here:

Open driver CD or software file
Install MPPS13.02.exe setup
Select software Language (multi-language avaliable), click OK
Install hardware wizard, click Next
Select destination C:\, click Next
Click Next
Click Installation to install driver
Click Finish when installation is completed

If MPPS software prompt “MPPS Firmware Upgrade” message, it is normal when MPPS cable is not plugged in or the driver is incorrectly installed
Click Exit
Now plug the MPPS USB cable with computer
If win7 fails to automatically install driver, install the driver manually
Go to Start>> Computer>>right click Properties>> Device Manager>> Amt Flash>>Update Driver Software…
Select Browse my computer for driver software
Browse file to C:\MPPS\Device Driver
Click Next
If the system prompts “Would you like to install this device software”, click “Install”
Installing driver software is completed
In windows 7 you will need to run MPPS as administrator, otherwise, software will not open.
Right click MPPS v13.02 software on desktop, click Properties
Select Compatibility
Tick Run the program as an administrator, click OK
Open MPPS V13.02 software on desktop
If you try to run MPPS not as administrator or without the cable plugged in you will see following screen
Installation is completed. Start tune ECU with the MPPS software.

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