How to solve XPROG XPROG-M BOX 5.55 5.50 error

Question 1:

The problem is !!! Ones you double click Xprogdesktop icon you’ll have two scenarios: either Nothing happens(Xprog will run in background(you could see in task manager),or you’ll have an error that Xprogdesktop needs to close(because Kernel32.dll,or Unknown).
If you manage to open it up anyway(use Xprogdesktop file from v5.50 or so),then when you try to read anything you’ll see:”Certificate expired and needs to be updated,or validated”


Found solution to Chineese Xprog v5.55
Dongle(key) should have 2(two) instances in device manager (HID-compliant device and USB human interface)
No virtual ET199,no several HID-compliant—just those two I listed. And it works properly then.

Question 2:

I bought XPROG 5.55 with dongle, I followed the procedure on multiple pc, but I always get is message “Can not find the key!”


do you connect usb dongle first.when you connect dongle (after complet install xprog 5.55 software and driver for sure)the led into dongle light windows make drivers install for this dongle when it finish the led into dongle blinking then connect the xprog 5.55 to usb.Ive installed into a windows 7, no problem.

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