Ford VCM error: cable between ids and vcm not detected (SOLVED)

I bought a few days before the diagnosis ford vcm software clone with 75 .. I have a problem in the communication I have installed the software, connected to the vehicle comes with a screen error (cable between ids and vcm not detected) what can be??

have change the IP address to in Control panel/network. Everyone make this mistake. Ford VCM works on LAN.The small black box in the middle of the cable is USB to LAN convertor.You will see in the network adapters that there is Realtek 8185 (or someone other network adapter i forget the name) change the automatic IP to static IP with

And beware Ford VCM can work only on main USB on your Laptop.Try to attach the VCM on every USB and you will see that IP address is change all time. only on one USB, VCM can work.

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