Where to buy Ford VCM2 clone: SP177C or SP177C1?

Ford Diagnostic Tool from China.


ThreadVCM2 Ford Diagnostic Clone Model: SP177C SP177C1 – Where to buy?


Does anyone own a SP177-C or SP177-C1 VCM2 clone? I read online that those are the best.

Where should I buy it?

I asked a few sellers on AliExpress about that version and they seem to not know about it.

I found it on obd2express site. Did anyone buy from them? Are they serious?

I’d really appreciate if someone bought a good clone to let me know where should I buy from.


Tech support from real pros:


VCM II SP177-C vs SP177-C1:

SP177-C is same as SP177-C1. 

C1 have usb sticker for wifi.

That is, only usb wifi is not included in SP177-C.

It’s only difference.

in detail…


VCM II SP177-C PCB display:


VCM II SP177-C1 PCB display:



Customer reviews:


Review 1:

I have bought this : http://www.obd2express.co.uk/wholesale/f…-card.html and they sent what was advertised. I have done module programming on 10+ cars (both PWM and CANbus) and every time without any issues. And I will do programming 100% as original


Review 2:

That’s what I’m ordering today too http://www.obd2express.co.uk/wholesale/f…-card.html


Review 3:

i bought this and it works perfect and fast http://www.obd2express.co.uk/wholesale/w…a-ids.html


Review 4:

Hmmm in fact 99%
My sp177c1 failed an 08 escape PCM the other day.
That’s the only problem i had so far


Review 5:

Here is a SP177 version with wifi , I have bought the same without wifi 1 month ago and it can do programming and everything a genuine VCM2 can link: http://www.obd2express.co.uk/wholesale/b…rsion.html

inner board same as http://blog.obdexpress.co.uk/2018/01/24/vcm-ii-sp177-pcb/


Review 6:

VMware and date freeze, is the way I believe everyone has to go.
unless you stick with Ver.86 and a good patch and a SP177-C, clone.
I have a new ver 100. I haven’t opened the package yet but I assume it will be the same. If not I will up load it.

I’ve had some good luck with the SP39 board, the board looks pretty scary but it hasn’t given me any trouble “YET”.


Review 7:

Those are the 4 famous china VCM2 clone

Vcm2 of high quality – its the BEST


SP177C1 is like this most:


SP177C1 inner boards: http://blog.obdexpress.co.uk/2018/01/21/vcm-2-best-quality-sp177-c1/

Vcm2 of good quality


Vcm2 of middle quality


Vcm2 of very bad quality



Review 8: (04-2018 updated)

Hi, sorry no pics yet but after getting it to connect first by usb then setting up the wireless connection it seems to be working great, I am using it with usb cable, ids 86 with calibration files and extended programming running win7 64bit, did a few small jobs like headlight recalibration and clearing some error codes which I tried removing a couple of other tools which wouldn’t clear them and it worked great, when you install v86 ids don’t forget to install as administrator, install ids, reboot, run patch, reboot, install calibration files, reboot then install the extended programming and reboot, keep the extended programming tool handy cos you will need it again, if you need any help just ask, good luck hope you get a good quality one


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