VCM 2 Clone SP177-C1 vs. SP177-C

April 14, 2018 sales 0

Folks talks a lot about China clone VCM II SP177-C and SP177-C1, saying they’re best VCM II from China. So, how much do you know about the two units? And what’s the different? Laura here will explain it from you all.   VCM II SP177C1: Continue Reading →

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Ford IDS & JLR SDD 100% work in one VCM2 unit

March 21, 2017 sales 0

How to get Ford IDS & JLR SDD work perfectly in/with one VCM2 clone… Here is a good case for reference: how to solve if VCM2 clone ok for IDS v96 but NOT ok for JLR SDD.   i have a clone vcm 2 that works ok for ford v96.02 i have installed jlr sdd v139 on an other computer but the Continue Reading →