How to flash VCM2 clone for “Not Connected to VCM II”

This is a working solution of Ford vcm2 clo

with the error message “Not Connected to VCM II” after successful IDS installation. Try to flash / reset vcm2 to solve the issue of low firmware versions.


Vcm2 connection error:

not-connected-to-vcm-ii-solution-1 not-connected-to-vcm-ii-solution-2 not-connected-to-vcm-ii-solution-3 not-connected-to-vcm-ii-solution-4



Working solution from pros work for


Find out the reset button on the VCM2 clone unit

Press the reset button for a while

Connect the vcm2 to the laptop via the USB cable

DO NOT use the OBDII cable for the connection to car

Unpress/loosen the button when all lights turn on
The find out Bosch the the start menu

Open ford vcm 2 manager to flash and reset the ford vcm 2 clone


Note: solutions above only works fine with vcm2 at


Good luck and enjoy diagnosis with vcm2!