OPCOM v1.39 firmware can read security codes for key programming and immo

It’s verified that only OPCOM OP-COM firmware version 1.39 running with VAUX-COM 2009 software can read security codes for key programming, all tested by users.


Hunta says in http://www.corsa-c.co.uk/forum/

opcom 1.39 has always worked for me reading security codes and for programming”


Marks152 says:

“1.39 is the ONLY firmware you should be running when using 100219a. It is designed to run with this software and is the ONLY version that will allow FULL use of the interface. Any firmware higher will restrict access to the instruments.”


Ssmith73 says:

“1.39 firmware can get a spare key fob programmed”


x-paul-x06 says in http://www.vauxhallownersnetwork.co.uk/

“opcom will read his security code but it should as i managed to down grade the firmware to 1.39”


Where to get old version OPCOM?

Opcom firmware v1.39  (not OPCOM V1.59)

VAUX-COM 100219a

Note: opcom fw: v1.39 with 2009 software is the only version to read security codes


Why you need security codes?

For programming new keys and immoboliser, functions the Security Code is required. This code can normally be found on the Pass. Unfortunately, the Car Pass is often lost.


What models can be read security codes?

With OP-COM you can read the security code from the following models:

Corsa-C  Meriva  Tigra-B


How to read security codes with OPCOM v1.39?

Choose Body

Choose Instrument

Choose EPROM info

Now the Security Code can be read from EPROM


How to use OPCOM 2009 software to program keys?

Opcom: Year -> vehicle -> body -> Cim -> Programming -> immo-programming -> security-code -> add new key







Security code





vProgram key



Opcom firmware 1.39 can read security codes. but unluckily, it stops production.
you can use Carprog 8.21 to read pin like dimitar, and then program keys with opcom 1.59