Using BMW B800 to reset airbag light succeed

I am told that this BMW B800 airbag reset tool can work on most of BMW cars between 1994 and 2003. I used it to work for 2001 BMW 735i and 2002 BMW 530i successfully.I bought this BMW B800 scanner online from China guy one year ago for USD$19 . I used it to do 2001 BMW 330i, but I failed. I tried to use it to read the SRS fault codes for 2003 BMW 325i. It performed well. And I also used it to reset the SRS Light 2002 BMW 745Li. In following days, I will continue to use it. The parcel includes 1pc x B800 Interface, 1pc x BMW 20Pin connector and 1pc x User manual. By the way, I want to share you my joke about the obd2 tool. As soon as I received my parcel, I opened it and tested my B800 at once. That was why I had some troubles. When I finished operation, the indicator light of airbag was on all the time. Oh, my god! Was it broken? I called the seller. She told me that my operation was incorrect. I should read the user manual in the package. I followed what she said and succeed. So, for new users, read the manual first before using.


It was because I wanted to reset 1998 328I airbag warning light then and I thought it a good choice since we have two old Bimmers and this tool was cheap. It worked, this tool successfully done in 2 minutes. Recently my 2000 BMW E39 523I got the same problem. So I used BMW B800 again and the airbag light off sobmw on.

Now I will show you how I used this BMW B800 to reset airbag light:


First, I connected this tool with car and pressed the “Enter” button and it showed me “03”.


Next, I pressed “Stroll” button then “Enter” button. The airbag light started blink then it was off.



Special thanks to the user’s real feedback