How To Fix 2008 ML350 4Matic Active Headlights Inoperable Message?

Car model and year: 2008 Benz ML350 4Matic


Symptom: When starting the car and the headlights go through their up, down and side to side check, my driver-side headlight doesn’t move. It remains in-place.



There is no guesswork when it comes to Xenon as every everything is extremely expensive.
The codes must be read in the left Xenon control module.

Dtc Xenon Head 01 Dtc Xenon Head 02


You will need a scanner, not just a code reader , able to read all modules, like: Autel Scanner MD802



Or a Foxwell NT530, it will pull the codes.

Refer to Foxwell nt530 Benz function list

Foxwell Nt530 01


For if I can replace with two halogen headlamps and it will not throw any codes, It will be a nightmare doing it as the wiring and sockets are entirely different.


Credits to @ Maj. Dundee ( forum)