Free Download Actia Multi Diag 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2009

Here, Multi diag Access j2534 download with Actia multi diag trucks, including actia diagnostics software version 2009 to version 2016 (the newest). I think that this is the most complete collection available online today



A little kind advice, read the pdf files to know your tool better and to make proper choices, specialy for passthru programs.


actia multi diag interface:

Actia Multi Diag 2016

Actia Multi Diag 2015

Actia Multi Diag 2014

All above can be tested with the following diagnostics software, but you need luck.


Actia diagnostic vs. cdp 100251

Actia it’s a different multi brand diagnostic but the main difference actia-cdp,cdp+ is that actia interface it’s also multimode, and it can be used as passthru interface in different auto factory brand programs like JLR,HDS,Rheingold,INPA,VAS-PC,Toyota Techstream and maybe others.


actia multi diag price:

Actia Multi Diag 2016: €236.00

Actia Multi Diag 2015: €215.00

Actia Multi Diag 2014: €169.00


Actia multi diag download, here you go…


Part1 : Actia MULTI DIAG download (big thanks to FANTOMEL)!XYQ0FBBI!eW_ZAaLsrK1VHfHPdQAwGA

  1. Actia Multi-Diag I 2009 v.16.21
  2. Actia Multi-Diag I 2010 v.19.10
  3. Actia Multi-Diag III 2010 v.21
  4. Actia Multi-Diag II 2011 v.23.07 + Vivid WorkShop
  5. Actia Multi-Diag III 2011 v.24.01 + Service Pack 3 v.24.31
  6. Actia Multi-Diag I 2012 v.25.13
  7. Actia Multi-Diag II 2012 v.26.08.1 + Service Pack 2 v.26.25 + Vivid WorkShop
  8. Actia Multi-Diag III 2012 v.27.06 + Service Pack 2 v.27.21 + Vivid WorkShop
  9. Actia Multi-Diag I 2013 v.27.31 + Vivid WorkShop
  10. Actia Multi-Diag II 2013 v.28.08 + Service Pack 1 v.28.11
  11. Actia Multi-Diag III 2013 v.29.04+Service Pack 1 v.29.11+Service Pack 2 v.29.21
  12. Actia Multi-Diag IV 2013 v.30.06+Service Pack 1 v.30.11+Service Pack 2 v.30.21
  13. Actia Multi-Diag I 2014 v.31.09+Service Pack 1 v.31.11+Service Pack 2 v.31.21 + Vivid WorkShop
  14. Actia Multi-Diag II 2014 v.32.05+Service Pack 1 v.32.11
  15. Actia Multi-Diag I 2015 v33+Service Pack 1 v.33.11+Service Pack 2 v33.21+Vivid WorkShop
  16. ALL KEYGENS FROM v.19 TO v.32


Part2: Actia diagnostics software+download (big thanks to FANTOMEL)!WUEnXK7I!M8Wg4MHBX0jLFTeRBoXz1w

  1. Actia Multi-Diag CD versions 6.1,6.3&7.3
    18. Actia Multi-Diag Trucks 2011
    19. Actia Multi-Diag I 2015 v.33.06+Service Pack 1 v.33.11+Service Pack 2 v33.21+Vivid WorkShop + KG
    20. Actia Multi-Diag II 2015 v.34.07+Service Pack 1 v.34.11+Service Pack 2 v.34.21
    21. PassThru programs,drivers and instructions on how to install them.
    22. Added Original MDO adapters pinouts thanks to userTwist
    Actia diagnostics software+download file
    23. Actia Multi-Diag III 2015 v.35.09+Service Pack 1 v.35.11+Service Pack 2 v.35.21
    24. Actia Multi-Diag I 2016 v.36.05+Service Pack 1 v.36.11+Service Pack 2 v.36.21+Service Pack 3 v36.31+Service Pack 4 v36.41
    25. Jaltest Trucks that has same interface as Actia Trucks versions 2013.3.1.1 and 2014.1.1.1

actia multi diag keygen: fantomel


actia multi diag installation:

How to install Actia Multi diag I-2016 software on Windows XP



  1. Open in a text editor file multidiag.js
  2. Go to line “var showWarningPT1Window=true” and make this line like
  3. “var showWarningPT1Window=false”




Credits to: bouizanne for version 1.2015, zdsSF for KeyGen V33, fantomel for the most complete collection



THE MOST IMPORTANT NOTE- I hold no responsibility of any risk you will take with actia multi diag above. If you wanna use actia multi diag diagnostic interface for safety, I advise you to tested versions, Actia Multi-Diag china clone also ok.



Good luck!!!