How to install Ford IDS on native Windows 7

Can I install Ford IDS software (crack) on native Windows 7?

Definitely yes!


IDS works well on Win 7 family:

I had it working fine on my old works windows 7 machine but had to give that one back,  Got it on my own family windows 7 one too and no probs, and now got another windows 7 one for doing my own work stuff and looking to upgrade to windows 10 but holding off just now.


IDS V86 works well on Win 7 64 bit:

I tried to run a native copy of v86 using the same VCM, but directly on win7 x64
No problems, everything works sweetly.



Thread: Ford IDS native installation advice please


MrPhil Wrote: 


Hi guys ,


I want to install IDS natively on a fresh low level formated HDD to get rid of previous installation which would have prevent from having 3 days subscription.


The partition will include a fresh installation of Win7 + Ford ids + vcm manager, VCX drivers, Chrome and Adobe viewer. That’s all.


I tried installing v91 + v101 + deepfreeze but it didn’t worked. I got the 3 days notice. Then it went to 2 so I guess that deepfreeze doesn’t work on v101 (correct me if I’m wrong or I missed something)


I’ve seen some websites that claim to do it with deepfreeze on v98. Is this possible ? I don’t t want to waste another 6-7 hours doing another low level format + reinstalling win7 + accessories.


If not, I could use deepfreeze BEFORE opening v91 for the 3 days licence to get release and stick with v91. That way I would have a fresh licence every time. (What years does v91 cover? That’s my concern)


I’d like some feedback on what’s best .


Thank you for your time! I really appreciate it.





Deepfreeze works


Install ids, install calibration, run ford extender prog, run ids get 3 days, close ids, now configure vcx nano tool and update firmware and check it works, install deepfreeze, before reboot note the time , reboot, when rebooting go to bios and put time 1-2hours before the time you noted down depending on how long you took to install and test it all.


reboot in to windows




Like i said , Mine works in vmware and native so you don’t have to do it native if you don’t want.



Ford IDS Windows 7 native install:


How to install VCM2 IDS software without VMware:

  1. Set date in bios on 6.august 2015
  2. Fresh install WIN7
  3. Install calibration file 81
  4. Install IDS v86 driver
  5. Reboot computer
  6. Patch
  7. Reboot computer
  8. Connect VCM and start it
  9. Write you about licence to continue
  10. Pop up message about 3 days expiration licence,
  11. Close all & unplug VCM 2 diagnostic scanner
  12. Install Mazda IDS software 99 version


  1. Plug in VCM II and start the program to test for diagnostics/ programming.
  2. If all is ok, then turn off IDS, unplug VCM & install freeze software




Ford vcm2 ids installation FAQs:


Q: i get error that licence is out of date. but vcm is pound in pc. lights is on

A: This is because your version of IDS doent match you computers date!
try changing to the right date,and check if it works!


Q: How to know what date must be. tried to backup date 3 days. but same error

A: If you already installed IDS in your system you will find it hard to get any amount of days now in the same machine without reinstall windows unless use vmware .


Q: can anyone help install ids?share working one.

A: You will not find one to work on windows xp32bit unless you install native
However because you already tired in that Xp system , you will need to Wipe that HDD and completely reinstall windows to install ids again there, UNLESS You install only version 86 IDS

i think you should change your system to 64bit so you can use one of the many vmware that are in the forum or just install version 86 native where you are now



IMPORTANT TIP- especially for beginners

It is time-consuming for Vcm2 ids software installation. It takes 1-2 hour(s). Also, it’s kind of difficult to install ids for running no issues.

So, you can use VMware with IDS V101 like SP239 or SP239-W; the items comes with a CD with vmware + installed ids; that is, you DO NOT need install IDS yourself & avoid installation issues.

With VCM2 clone units like Ford IDS V101 (SP177) and IDS v100 (SP177-C, SP177-C1, SP177-C2), you need install IDS software on your own, shown as below




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