Kess V2 4.036 can read/write Truck ECUs?

Question: My Kess V2 firmware 4.036 fails to read truck ECUs. Why? And how to rework?


I bought a KESS V2 CLONE, runs on cars and motorcycles, but the protocols are disabled TRUCK. LISTEN TO BE CHANGING NXP and change the firmware to operate in trucks. Could anyone help?




FW version: 4.036

Serial number: K10033818

Customer Code: C7514

Group Code: C7514


Reply: I guess you bought the wrong type. There are are many kinds of Kess 4.036.

Some cannot support trucks at all.

You should have a small part of kess supports lots of trucks and motorcycles (called truck version)


See this…

Kess 4.036:

In the item list, only SE87-K, SE87-CK can work for trucks.


Look at the chart below…details attached

Item No. SE87-D SE87-CK
Kess v2 Kess V2 v4.036

for CAR

Kess v2 v4.036

for TRUCKs

Image  kess-v2-se87-d  kess-v2-se87-ck
Price €165.00 €116.99
Firmware Kess V2 v4.036 Kess V2 v4.036
Software Ksuite v2.22


Ksuite V2.22/V2.08

(V2.22 version can not connect internet, V2.08 can works with internet)

Tokens Unlimited tokens,

with a renew button to add tokens

With 30 tokens,
Vehicles For Cars only;

No truck!

No motorcycle!

Best for Trucks !





Kess V2 4.036 Truck List:

kess-v2-truck-car-list-1 kess-v2-truck-car-list-2 kess-v2-truck-car-list-3 kess-v2-truck-car-list-4 kess-v2-truck-car-list-5 kess-v2-truck-car-list-6 kess-v2-truck-car-list-7 kess-v2-truck-car-list-8 kess-v2-truck-car-list-9 kess-v2-truck-car-list-10 kess-v2-truck-car-list-11 kess-v2-truck-car-list-12 kess-v2-truck-car-list-13 kess-v2-truck-car-list-14 kess-v2-truck-car-list-15 kess-v2-truck-car-list-16 kess-v2-truck-car-list-17 kess-v2-truck-car-list-18 kess-v2-truck-car-list-19 kess-v2-truck-car-list-20 kess-v2-truck-car-list-21 kess-v2-truck-car-list-22 kess-v2-truck-car-list-23 kess-v2-truck-car-list-24 kess-v2-truck-car-list-25 kess-v2-truck-car-list-26 kess-v2-truck-car-list-27


If you dont want to buy a new kess v2 programming tool. You can change the firmware to  v3.099 with a new nxp LPC2478, new serial and new update with trucks.
Also your china PCB must be preapred to handle the 24v

Personally, You are not advised to do so because of high risk and I hold no responsibilty.