Part D (C3) and Xentry XDOS V07.2018 V09.2014 V05.2016 V12.2015: Which best?

Hi dear friends,…..which version of Xentry Diagnostic Openshell do you use for your Par D C3? what about the latest and best/populous version used for C3? Here are tips and guides for you, including possibility of a way to make working C3 mux with the latest Xentry XDOS 07/2018 (with old vehicle naturally)?



If there is any chance it will work, first thing is to play with toolkit.ini


It will be in c:\program files\Mercedes-Benz\SDconnect Toolkit\bin\toolkit.ini or C:\Program Files (x86)\Mercedes-Benz\SDconnect Toolkit\bin\toolkit.ini


There will be a line that says UseComPorts=

Here add the port number you wish to use.



Also there will be another line that says SkipComPorts=all

Change this to ;SkipComPorts=all

in detail…

Original line=



Modified line=



Adding ; at beginning of line means that this line is to be ignored.



Hopefully this should mean SDnetControl will detect your interface.


However I have no idea if this still works, I have a feeling Xentry won’t work, and I can’t say if DAS will work.


I’m guessing it should work with HHT if you have it installed on a 32 bit system



But note that since 2016-01 part D is replace with part Z (bosch vci). so if you want to use C3, you have to use old driver.

i suggest use xentry xp/xdos up to 12/2015 and the most famous and favorite is 09/2014.


Honestly, 09/2014 is the best version for C3.. anything after that you have to do too many fixes to get it fully working..


I managed to get Xentry 05/2016 to work with my PartD aka C3. It’s just a fun project because you still can’t work on cars 2009/2010 and up that require Xentry.


Xentry 5/2016 is the last version as I indicated above that will work with a PartD.


It is not work with new cars another speed of CAN.


Btw, if you have offline coding, 11/2012 is the best.