Fly FVDI 2018 FAQs: Thanks to users real test

Put together all of Fly FVDI 2018 FAQ based on real users test, like ERROR 5 solution, machine shuts off problem for FVDI2014, where to download fly FVDI 2018 software etc. hope they are helpful.


Here we go.

  1. Question:

Fvdi 2014

Everytime i start up vag V18.0 with keyreader attached, the program shuts off.

Vag 21.0 starts fine with keyreader attached, here the MM7 tool does work proper.


I run it on W7 32 and windows xp, no virus scan.

Does anyone have the same problem, and a solution.

I am considering buying a 2018 Fvdi with vag V18.0 and V24.o


Answer: goo inside this folder and remove tag and post result

C:\Program Files (x86)\Abrites Commander Software


C:\Program Files (x86)\Abrites Commander Software List\Common\Tag


Finally, So i removed the tag and tagkeytool from c folder.

And it is fine now.


  1. Question:

Can please someone help me. I have an 2018 FVDI and my problems is this.
The UBS connector from the PCB , has got 1 pin broken , and wanted to replace it from pcb.

But when i desolder the old one , one pad from the pin nr. 2 of the usb broken … the White wire ( Data – ) .

Now even i soldera new connector or solder directly the wires on the pcb , windows don’t recognize the unit. It see it like a malfunction … because the white wire don’t communicate.

Can you tell me the corresponding pcb location of this pin n2 of the usb connector ?

Answer: Before you touch any Car —> training your Solder skill


  1. Test reports
  2. Key learning audi a3 2007
    fvdi rb8
    read 7 bit ok
    read pin ok
    learning spare key – ok
    Key learning successfully…


  1. Test report:

Fiat 5.4: Fiat Ducato 2009 —> 3 Key’s Learning OBD Work Perfect

Question: Question: And remote also work? I tried with Ducato 2010, Immo OK, but remote doesn’t work. Didn’t learned keys with FVDI, used other OBD SW.


Yes, work Perfect

Remote work too
First read BSI to find PIN
Next step was programming 3 new Key´s
Old Key´s erased automatic
10min Job


  1. Question

Hi, my 2015 FVDI I cannot use VW v24, it only works with V18.0
When the VW V24.0 was selected it sends the message “Hours left 0”
My FW version is 2.18 and 2.10.

My 2015 FVDI DVD is damaged.

The provider does not send me the link to download the software
Do I have to update the firmware for VW version 24 to work?

Answer: Register email and password – Then download. It works if you have “genuine” Fly product.


  1. Question: I have fvdi 2018, immoplus 13.6 work with fvdi interface??? how???
    when I start soft write”can`t find vvdi interface.reconnect interface and try again”

Answer: With fvdi2014 works on win xp. Just start immoplus loader first and wait a while



Has anyone added the key to the Opel Meriva B 2013 year for the FVDI 2015 version?

Answer: 2010-2012 Meriva B with FVDI2014 no problem. About newer i don’t know…


  1. Question: Immoplus on FVDI 2018 not running, Error 5. How to solve this ?

Answer: Here this Error 5 fix:
Start program, click ADD then Remove Device. Wait pop up.
Disconnect USB and reconnect again, windows will detect USB ask install driver.
Go to program file….AVDI driver and install!hYJWTIaC!KHMziWq5Ei8B-x2z09yHaie2pk3-naVHvzq8bu40GY4


  1. Question: Astra J 2012 , new body control unit, I read pin, change VIN and tried to key learning but once stored ones are deleted and try to program new I get message that limit is exceeded

Answer: reset battery and re-learning key again


  1. Question:

I’m looking for a 2014 version of this but only thing coming up in searches online is 2018 versions, anyone know where to buy one from, reliable source, thanks in advance,


It’s original from


  1. Question:

Can someone tell me WHERE and which FVDI to buy??
I was look on many sites and really don’t know where to buy.
I have a friends which buy FVDI and have a bad experience (Tool is lock,no support,not work …)
I found 2 sites

Answer: the first one will be locked because the second one is original Fly product.


I’m afraid I can’t list all but only these newest FAQ so far.




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