Xtool A80 Ford (AUS, EUR, USA) OBD diagnosis and special function list

Xtool A80 is a professional Ford diagnostic tool with many special functions. It is tested ok to work with European Ford, USA Ford and Australian Ford.

This post offers the Xtool A80 workable Ford car year, diagnosis functions +special functions, Xtool A80 multiple language and one-click online update etc.




Xtool A80 workable Ford car year:

European Ford… Up to 2015+✔

USA Ford… Up to 2015+✔

Australian Ford… Up to 2005 year✔


Xtool A80 Ford OBD2 diagnosis:

Read codes…Confirmed

Erase codes...Confirmed✔

Live data...Confirmed✔

Active test…Confirmed✔


Xtool A80 Ford special functions:

Programmable module installation



TPMS(Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Function

and more…..


Xtool A80 DIAGNOSIS– AUSFORD function list v10.31:



Xtool A80 DIAGNOSIS–EURFORD function list v11.63:



Xtool A80 DIAGNOSIS–USAFORD function list V11.63:



Some listed functions are manufacture dependent.

Constantly update Xtool A80 for current vehicle coverage.

Update software regularly for more accurate tool features.


Image 1: screenshot of Xtool A80 DIAGNOSIS– AUSFORD function list v10.31



Image 2: Xtool A80 DIAGNOSIS–EURFORD function list v11.63



Image 3: Xtool A80 DIAGNOSIS–USAFORD function list V11.63


Image 4: Xtool A80 Ford special function list (only a part for example)

The following number can be checked in the above function list.



Xtool A80 Ford diagnosis language:

English as default.


All optional language: English, Spanish, Italian, Malaysian

* Submit the serial number to the dealer for reset.


Xtool A80 one-click update online

open the A80 app and click Upgrade instead of updating a card.



Where to have original Xtool A80 to diagnose Ford at reasonable price?

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