Will clone VCM2 do old PCM programming?

Got the cheap single PCB VCM II device off an ebay seller. Discovered the same issues.. unstable, frequent disconnecting, etc. I actually did attempt to program with it but kept getting error messages every time before programming could start. (Using the VM Ware version of IDS included with the unit, which was terribly buggy and glitchy) It did perform some basic functions – such as reading door codes and programming pats keys, so me and the seller reached a partial refund agreement, I ended up getting about 75% of the cost refunded since the device was of some use to me at the time.

That was before I learned the differences between the single PCB unit and the better dual PCB versions. I recently purchased the SP177-C from OBDExpress. I haven’t tried to program with it yet due to weather (I don’t have an indoor work area), but I’ll post up whenever I do. I’ve also since switched to IDS 112 native.

One thing I did notice was that the single PCB unit doesn’t appear to support high speed CAN modules. Whenever I use it with Forscan, it only sees the MS modules. Whenever I use my cheap ELM327 device, it sees MS and HS modules.


Update: the reason why NONE of the clone VCM2 will do old PCM programming is because of the EEprom programming signal higher voltage required can’t be produced by those clones.

In short, when programming these PCM, the VCM sends a higher voltage (around 18v) to 1 pin of the PCM to “open” the programming session. Clones can’t do that.

the only tool that I know that does it is the new thing from FLY but….(and there’s a BIG but)… it won’t let you program some older cluster and ABS ecu. Ive tested it on some cars and so far, not so good.

Better get an OEM VCM2 as I did.
Buy 1 good tool instead of 2 or 3 crap tool


For VCM2 china clone, SP177-C1 is the best, then SP177 I think