Digiprog III Review: Odometer correction 2012 Honda CRV

Topic: Odometer correction 2012 Honda CRV (has dash 93c76) with Digiprog clone.


PS: With any eeprom programmer you can make the job such as:

Option 1. Digiprog clone: Confirmed

Option 2.UPA programmer: Confirmed (costs less than 100 EUR, easy job)


How to do 2012 Honda CRV Odometer correction with Digiprog clone:

This car is edited by eeprom, not obd2. You always have to try to remove eeprom from dash for a better reading, use EEPROM MODE in Digiprog, select 93c76 x 16 bits and read it, verify it, and save the original file read, then post your file here with exact original mileage and mileage you need and I will edit for you.

Eeprom 01


Test signal continuity between bdm ponits marked in the picture and the legs eeprom
Use pin 1,2,3,4,5 and 8 only from eeprom

Eeprom 02


Use thin wires to join the colors from adapter to eeprom legs.

Eeprom 03


Open your db25 adapter and check it
connect like this picture

Wiring Diagram 04


In general, Digiprog clone is a good tool if you know how to use it well.... I think principal problem is you dont have any experience in this job and you need a good supporter who can teach you this job.