How to coding E90 2010 CAS3 with Xhorse VVDI 2

Read isn from dme then read isn from cas
How to write new isn to the cas?
Need to replace ecu
Car: e90 2010 cas3

Device: Xhorse VVDI2


Writing New Isn To The Cas 01 Writing New Isn To The Cas 02


Open dump in hex and change what problem.



Done… thanx
But ecu we bought it is for AT trans..
Car start but fan always on and idle very low…
Tried to default coding but nothing
Do you know how to make the ecu for manual transmission?
Or it’s impossible?



Last time I only write eeprom from old to new ecu and don’t need change any coding
may old automatic and new manual and don’t possibility drive if I write only isn
I copy full eeprom and write full eeprom to new



Wich tool you read and write?
My old ecu water damaged can’t connect with it



I have x17 and flex and used for read.


Or try Aultel (like Autel MaxiSys MS908P or Autel Maxisys Elite) and coding ECU should fix it . Also if you have Online access with Autel , do software update after Coding.

Or try BMW ICOM to do it, BTW, ICOM NEXT is cheaper than AUTEL

Google and you’ll find some videos or articles on how to use Autel for BMW coding.