What AVDI Can Do And VVDI Cannot?

Question is to the users with both tools. What AVDI can do and VVDI cannot? In terms of key coding, read the following reviews from DK Veterans.


DK Veteran review 1:

I bought the VVDI2 to spare a lot of money. Much more cheaper Than the AVDI, but almost the same knowledge. And a bonus Beemer & PSA tool too.


DK Veteran review 2:

Vvdi2 have missing edc17 read, immo5 module adaptation and Fujitsu clusters from a3. That cover well smok uhds. PSA tool isn’t anything serious on vvdi2 too.


DK Veteran review 3:

Edc17 is one of them. Virtual Cockpit and JC is another. I know there is no perfect tool at all. I have Smok as well and it does job as well. Specially on PSA.


DK Veteran review 4:

avdi is an excellent tool, it is not cheap but its work makes it very fast and allows you to earn money quickly, of course you have to be a good professional when collecting your work


DK Veteran review 5:

2017 Renault Captur spare key: if AKL only AVDI or theft car tool can do the job by OBD2 ( you need pre-code the virgin key ! ) : 4000 – 4500€
For ADD an key R. E. T ( if AKL VVDI Prog + R.E.T : 1200€ )

Remember ! : if you program key by 100% OBD2 you delete anti theft protection 2015+ , AFTER that , any cheap too can program AKL ( Renolink 50€ including ! )


To be upgrading…



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