Possible MicroPod2 and Witech change VIN on 05 Dakota PCM/ECM?

Question: what do I need to rewrite a VIN number on a PCM on a 05 Dakota 4 plugs computer?

I have easyDiag3 with X431 pro running on a tablet, Chrysler v32.20. It gives me the option to maybe change miles but not VIN.



You should get the option to Write VIN but if not check if it lets you do IMMO operation and you can choose ECM replaced..it’ll go through the process and write VIN to PCM (but you might need a PIN to )
If you have Drewtech J2534 tool then you can use J2534 Toolbox to do it

or Yes Micropod2 with WiTech can do it…I have done many times but I can’t say for sure about on the Bench…it should let you through.


If you have Witech offline…try it…under misc options….but i don’t know if it’ll be able to reset SKIM in it….truly I don’t even know if it can Reset Immo with Online Witech or not
I never used Witech to do SKIM Reset as I use the Drewtech J2534 toolbox and it works perfectly every time.

But there is a possibility that if you Reflash the ECM, SKIM might get reset.



You can change the VIN with J2534 pass thru , through the Toolbox3 software for free.

You can change it with either Autel Maxisys or X431 launch software for free.
For these two it should give you the option to read VIN and after you click okay it will ask you if you would like to change it for free.

You can also change it with Witech either with Micropod or J2534 pass-thru but you will need to pay for a subscription.


Good luck!


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