Will Kess Read Write Laguna EDC16C3 injectors code?

Let’s start this topic with a story: I have Laguna EDC16C3, i’ve read flash with KESS, everything fine, and then also i read injector codes.
First time I couldn’t write back file with KESS, so i took MPPS16, read file, read .noz injector file, then I wrote back modified file with .noz file.
Now even if I try to write back stock file, with KESS + kess injector codes, or MPPS with MPPS injector codes, car doesn’t start.
I also have read with Galleto(flash + injectors), but with Galletto i cant write on obd2.
I tried code injectors with Delphi, codes appears on ecu info, but car not starting.


Advice from a senior ECU tunner:

Write back the Original file with KESS and manually program injectors through diagnostics. If all good read again, make modifications and programs injectors manually with diagnostics. You never read with one device and write with the other because via OBD they have different reads so you need to be careful, read with kess write with kess, read with mpps write with mpps etc.


Report back on the problem:

I had a Kess  Read with injector codes. Now I can write back my KESS v5.017 read, everything good, but when I try from SETUP to write inj codes, it doesn’t find VIN number.I will try to write VIN back with Launch, then try write injectors with Kess.
Or the other backup way, I will take ecu out to home, and try write on bench with Galletto, because I have Galleto flash backup and .INJECTOR file, which contains VIN and injectors.



Kess 5.017 is able to Read Write Laguna EDC16C3 injectors code, like this one:


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