VVDI2 FEM BDC “current SW version doesn’t support” Solution

Question: I went to a BMW F30 all keys lost today. FEM on the bench connected through test platform I can read key data but when I go to prepare FEM I get and error message “current SW version doesn’t support by tool please prepare with e-sys” what do I need to prepare with e -sys? I’ve done spares and lost all keys for f30 2015 420d 2015 +2016 never had any issues just this one.

vvdi2 fem bdc current sw version doesnt support - VVDI2 FEM BDC "current SW version doesn't support" Solution



Option 1.

Downgrade SW: e sys – is a soft for BMW programming – maybe to downgrade it to lower version that is supported.

You need to flash it with E-Sys to a newer, supported version, the VVDI will do it.


Option 2:

If you are not very good to play with Esys you can use Autohex which doing this process a bit different. It is matching the software as it likes and after going through. Takes much much longer and sometimes comes with some strange errors and you need support to help.



– I use Autohex full to update and unlock.
Just update fem body and gateway and then unlock.


-I have Autohex lite locksmith version and regularly must ask the support to downgrade the FEM by teamviewer

autohex ii bmw - VVDI2 FEM BDC "current SW version doesn't support" Solution


What about other tools i.e Yanhua ACDP?

Same as vvdi and other tools you need to downgrade fem.


Hope it helps!



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