Ksuite V2.70 Test Reports What ECU Read and Write OK

Ksuite V2.70 free download for Kess V2 V5.017: https://share.weiyun.com/WF3yWyuZ (password: g311lg). After downloading it, please install it on any of windows XP, win7 /8 /10 (setup video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxi_HEB1DlI) , and then enjoy it.

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Ksuite V2.70 Test Reports:

well my ksuite loads a bit faster than 10-20 sec because i have an i7 processor and 8GB of ram , well it dit not update anything , SD card did not got update too , just compared three versions 2.23 2.53 and 2.70 , nothing changed in them.


GOLF EDC16U34 read write ok


– This 2.70 has changed VAG EDC17CP14 to no read on OBD

Unmatched Key N is on BMW due to chks issue

No issue with EDC15 on 2.23


– It works only with clone kess V2 V5.017.


– What about edc17c60 and c64: I tested before on 2.53 EDC17C64 golf 7 2.0 tdi with tprot ON. Only write with suitable VR file. VR file works when ecu have Tprot, Kess clone can write EDC17C64 with TprotON (with suitable file), also file was without checksums. So Kess clone also did good chk.


Passat EDC17_C46 Write without problem


Using Tip:

  1. Question: Wake up error MED17.5 after try 2.70 problem the same.

How to fix this:

roblem is not in the software. He put the computer down on the table and hung it with octopuses. Give him a good voltage and see if he will give you another mistake.

gasoline computers have some read and write problems. Do you think the original Kess doesn’t make that mistake? Well, I will answer you: he gives it. This error depends on many things: wrong protocol, wrong speed, low voltage, problem in Kess, immo protection.


  1. If Ksuit 2.70 not read or write the ECU, try back to Ksuite 2.53 (download link:

https://share.weiyun.com/5FPSb3H password: i4cwgr)



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