How to download & save ecu data in CAN CLiP Renault

Can i download and save Renault ecu data in CAN CLIP interface?

It should be YES.


So, how to do that? Here you go.


– You need another cable for that.


– Use ren k line tool (Google search this from immotools) or kess v2mpps, etc


– i have some experience with s3000 which is on petrol models after 2003 inc 2.0t sport on megane version and read manually by mpps .
i resolder obd and give 14v supply to the ecu and the mpps v12 (chinees clone) but always use supply over +13v cause the interface burning the can chip


– It is possible, command name SC003, look here the picture from Dialogys e.g. DCM12 saving datas before replacing the ecu :


An other photo for V42 petrol injection


There are some ecus SC003 possible >> diesel DCM12, DCM34 , petrol V42 <<
also some SC003 not implemented >> petrol EMS 3132, SIM32
So finding that command depends on the ecu, diesel have, petrol might not have.