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Audi A1 and Q3 key programming with VVDI2

March 13, 2017 sales 0

This is a customer puzzle of Audi A1 and Q3 key programming with vvdi2 and solutions from diy users and professional engineers working for   Purpose: look into remote key programming of Audi A1 and Q3.   Tools with: VCDS Xhorse VVDI2   Experience: I’ve tried Continue Reading →

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VVDI Prog read write BMW CAS4 5M48H

February 16, 2017 sales 0

This is a guide of how to easily read / write / save BMW CAS4 with highly secured MCU MC9S12XEP100 Masked as 5M48H inside via Vvdi Prog programmer. How to use VVDI Prog to read cas4 5M48H: Open VVDI Prog software, select type, manufacture and model as MC9S12XEP100) Click “Wiring Diagram Continue Reading →


VVDI MB Tool Car List Download

January 13, 2017 sales 0

Xhorse VVDI MB BGA Tool is the best solution of Mercedes-Benz read & write keys/CGW (ZGW), EIS & ELS tools, password calculation of working keys and lost all key, prepare key file, renew ECU/gearbox/ISM, repair KM, etc. Here is the VVDI MB Tool car list for all functions.      Continue Reading →


Solutions to Program a New Key for Passat B7

December 11, 2016 sales 0

Here provides 4 solutions for the Passat B7 car owns when they lost keys. Recommend professional key programmer –Xhorse VVDI2.   Background (Fourm member’s): I lost my Passat key on my driveway house… I’ve been searching about for a good new one few days, but info regarding programs/equipmen Continue Reading →


Xhorse VVDI2 & BMW mini 2012 CAS3+ Review

November 17, 2016 sales 0

i have mini 2012 lost key CAS3+ tried on vvdi2 key programmer. everything went ok got ISN from DME and also EEPROM from CAS and remote programmed successfully   but car did not start i did one fault once the vvdi tool asked me whether the car has been started or no i said yes and car has not Continue Reading →


VVDI Remote Key Batter Than KD900 Keydiy Remotes

November 12, 2016 sales 0

XHORSE VVDI2 DS Type Wireless Universal Remote Key 3 Buttons comes with quality guarantee for all have passed quality control before delivery. And it is compatible with all the VVDI tools including VVDI2 Mini Remote Programmer, VVDI Key Tool etc. XHORSE VVDI Remote Key 3 Buttons has the some func Continue Reading →

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Xhorse VVDI2 program Hyundai vvdi remote key

November 9, 2016 sales 0

Hyundai remote key programming successfully! With Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer.   Tools preparation: Vvdi tools (Xhorse VVDI2) A new vvdi remote key and the original Hyundai key Here are the remote generation steps…   Step 1 – chip information collection via VVDI2 xhorse In Continue Reading →