How to copy 4D chip with CBAY key copy auto key programmer

CBAY is a hand-held car key copy auto key pro designed to copy 4D/46/48 chip. Following is the 4D key chip copy detail instruction with CBAY key programmer.

1) Long press the “ON” button to turn on the CBAY auto key pro.  Press arrow button to select your language on the main screen.


2) Put the key into signal coil and press arrow button to select “COPY”, the system is in copying procedure.


3) The system will read the date of the key, press OK to continue


4) Begin decoding. If the decoding procedure fails, repeat the previous procedure.


5) Decoding finished. The CBAY key copy machine will display the key security password.


6) Put 4D chip into signal coil, press OK button


7) Follow the system prompt until the chip copy is done. Place another new chip and press OK.


8) If you want to reuse the copied chip, please press left arrow button to the main menu, select “RECOVERY” to initialize the chip, then it will back to use.