How to change VIN in TMFT (Door Module) e60 ’03

Car model and year: BMW 530d e60 ’03
Symptoms: Got message on iDrive and airbags and seatbelts light on the screen all the time. In Local service mechanic told me after diagnostics, that Drivers door module got wrong chassis number (vin number) probably replaced doors ex.

restraint systems-01

light on-02

The procedure:
I manage to get working Inpa, NCS Expert and winkfp on my winxp laptop.
I Found Part number in INPA: 6957761

part number in inpa-03

Found VIN NUMBER in NCS Expert.

vin number in ncs expert-04

Then followed by these instruction I update vin with winkfp.
0 – Choose comfort mode.
1 – Select F3:- Update ZUSB
2 – Select ECU type and the ECU will appear along with a list of part numbers.
3 – Select ok and the main menu will re-appear
4 – Select VIN and enter the cars VIN no. and select OK. (FULL VIN)
5 – Select Done
6 – Select Prog. ZB_update, you will be asked to confirm the update, Winkfp wil state the number of times the module can be re-programmed.

While updating airbag and seatbelt lights was off, and after update they went back on… I was confused here.

Then one experienced technician gave me suggestion:
Have you tried the FGNR_SCHREIBEN Job in NCSExpert?
It’s worth a try… however it never managed to change a VIN on a DSC pump on an e90. Only WinKFP did it for me.

Finally, I sort that out. To get all working need 3 softwares. Winkfp, ncs expert and tool32

Where to get software Winkfp, ncs expert and tool32?
Rheingold ISTA-D ISTA-P is built in engineering programming tool including: E-sys, NCS-Expert, Winkfp, INPA, Tool32……
I bought ISTA-D3.48.20 ISTA-P from, and never let me down.

ISTA-D3.48.20 ISTA-P

The newest Rheingold ISTA-D 3.49.20 ISTA-P 55.4.000 for perfect version ICOM (SP168-BA and SP168-BO) is already available at: