How to solve BMW INPA interface IFH-0009 error

Some users came across IFH-0009 error when using BMW INPA K+CAN (SP59, SP59-B) diagnostic interface with FT232RL Chip on win XP or win 7 O/S laptops. IFH-0009 error indicates that there is No response from Control Unit (ECU isn’t connected or doesn’t respond).
BMW INPA interface IFH 0009 error - How to solve BMW INPA interface IFH-0009 error -
IFH-0009 errors are the most common error in INPA D+CAN or K+CAN USB cables. Following are some most possible reasons list.

Possible reasons:
1)  Poor quality INPA cables.
Some INPA cables have bad quality and can be badly constructed, incorrectly wired, or contain the wrong chip set drivers or come with no drivers at all! But no all cheap INPA cables are of bad quality, still good vendors like provides good quality INPA cables.

2) Wrong or Incorrect Interface Drivers.
Many INPA interfaces come with wrong chipset drivers or come with no CD at all. Your INPA cable will fail to install properly without the correct or latest USB drivers. Our package comes with complete driver, FT232RL Chip and CD that fits most regains’ demand.

3) Incorrectly configured interface lead.
When installing INPA D-CAN or K+CAN USB Interface lead, you will need to reconfigure the Windows based com port settings. So that the USB lead will be configured to replicate an old RS-232 serial port. INPA users have to set the windows based system to COM Port 1 and change the latency setting to ‘1′ and check any ‘Fifo’ box. In order to make it work properly.

4) Incomplete Versions of INPA.
There are many INPA interfaces on the after market. Ensure your get the full and correct INPA version that contains both Ediabas software and BMW Standard Tools. Do not buy those with incomplete or simply lack the various configuration files.

5) Incorrectly wired INPA interface.
INPA interfaces on the aftermarket from different manufacture have slightly different wire ways. Some INPA USB interface leads have pin 8 disconnected, some have pin 8 physically linked (bridged) to Pin 7, and some have pin 7 & 8 connected individually with no bridge link.

If you get the IFH-0009 error, you can check your INPA wires and make some modifications.

i) Pin 8 joined to Pin 7 using a small wire link (most cases of the reason)
ii) Pin 8 physically disconnected
iii) Pin 7 and Pin 8 individually connected to their own pins with no link.

If you are going to diagnose BMW vehicle models made before year 2005, you will almost certainly need to bridge pins 7 & 8 together, as these cars used a dual K-line data output (KKL).


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