How to turn the lamp outage off with Ford VCM II IDS diagnostic tool

For 2008-2010 model years, the function of the turn signal flasher was incorporated into the software of the Smart Power Distribution Junction Box (SPDJB or SJB). The SJB is configured to provide lamp-outage indication on all F250/350/450/550.

For proper function of LED lighting installed by Final Stage Manufacturers of incomplete or modified vehicles, the SJB must be reconfigured to turn off the lamp-out indication.

Ford VCM2 IDS OBD2 diagnostic tool
A laptop running Windows XP operating system

1) Install Ford VCM2 IDS diagnostic software. There is a software video instruction on obd2express webpage.
2) Connect Ford VCM II diagnostic tool with vehicle via OBD port
3) Come to the main Module reprogramming menu. Select GEM/SJB – make sure the GEM/SJB is at the latest calibration level. Update if the system required.
4) Select “Programming Parameters” in the IDS Toolbox
5) Select “Exterior Lightening” and click the Tick in the lower right of the screen
6) Click the tick on the popup message box
7) Select “Stop and tail lamp outage configuration”
8) Select “Lamp outage turned off”
9) Click the tick in the bottom left of the screen.

The lamp outage feature should be reprogrammed and turned off now.