(Fixed) 2002 C230 Coupe die and suspect fuel pump

Car model:
2002 C230 Coupe

Car died and I suspect the fuel pump.

Advice by experienced repairman:
straight forward. Rear seat up, take off the protective plate. I beat the plastic cover into turning. Pull up the assembly. You’ll have either the four pin in a row or the four pin in a square configuration. Doesn’t matter. Connect the hot and ground. Then the two thinner awg wires for the gas gauge. If you are wrong, you’ll have a none functioning gauge. Its 50/50 since it is only two wires for the gauge. If memory serves the pump is on the passenger side, and the slave on the drivers side. 

What I have tried to do:
1)09-27-2015 update:
Tomorrow morning, early while it’s cool I plan to tackle this. 
Got all the parts and some long ass gloves in case I have stick my hands in the tank. 

For anyone going through this in the future, 
I spent half a day trying to track down a retainer removal tool, 
and finally discovered that both Napa and possibly Auto Zone 
loan out a tool kit that has this tool and others for FREE!
You have to pay a heft deposit but you get at all back when you return it.
OK, off to a site for the toolkit, a 5 gallon gas can, siphon; 
and then to Home Depot for a fire extinguisher which I hopefully won’t need!!!!!

Here’s the WIS instruction from the service DVD for future reference.
Shown on model 203.035 with engine 111.951
Modification notes
1.3.04 Disconnecting/connecting ground line on battery
W203 Replace fuel pump-05
203 589 01 07 00
Prong wrench

2)09-30-2015 update:
It’s all done except I noticed I had some cords showing on the inside of my tires, 
so now I’m not driving it till I get some new shoes, but it’s running fine.
The prep work took a lot of time, but the actual work 
only took about 1-2 hours.
I jacked up the passenger side of the car a little, and the fuel was pretty much right to the top.
I got a little nervous when I had to a screwdriver to gently pry the clips on the fuel line hose. 
So I didn’t drain the tank or anything.
Ed, no I didn’t have any connector issues.