2016 VBOX-VOLVO XC90 Diagnostic Tool Scanner for Volvo

2016 VBOX VOLVO XC90 support diagnose for volvo vehicles from old to latest,is using DoIP communication diagnostic mode,Basic function including read the faulty code, read the history code, read ECU information, read VIN information, clear faulty code, and so on.

Language: English
Software system support: Window XP/7/8/10
Update: Free ( If add additional special function on this device, update may charges)

How to use VBOX-VOLVO XC90 Diagnostic Tool
1. Connect to hardware, insert the box into OBD interface, connect the box with internet reticle and computer reticle interface, red light sparkling. You can find the OBD interface on the left side down of the seat.
Hardware lights instruction
LED status Status instruction
Red light sparkling hardware working ok
Green light sparkling data communication status

2. UDVOLVO is a free install application, decompression zip package to local computer folder, run the application…/Volvo/ASAMMCD3/UDVolvo.exe press enter after you find your vehicle IP.
3. Press“Vehicle identification number, read ECU information, read fault number
4. Double press “current fault code number”, enter single ECU
Press“current fault code number or history fault code number”, press the right button on mouse go check for detail information.
5. Check the detail information.
6. Check the fault code number detail information.
7. Check ECU detail information.
8. Enter ECU read fault code number history fault code number, clean up code number, read vehicle identification number and ECU detail information, press current “current fault code number and history fault code number” to clean up the fault code numbers.