VW online programming: No need German server

The 2017 new Launch v431  scan tool- launch x431 v 8 inch tablet nowadays is verified to 100% work perfectly in VW online programming without the German server!


Online function through VW V28.0 software:


No need the German server

– save a lot

– a must for an auto repair shop

– the only tool can realize it






TOP 5 reasons to get 2017 Launch x431 v 8-inch obd2 scan tool:

1- Special functions available

2- Brazilian, Indian, Chinese, Australian, European, USA cars…OK

3- BMW 2017 new cars coding/ key programming…OK

4- Toyota 2017 new cars…OK

5- VW online programming without German server…OK


Also, there are lots of benefits of it, such as

– 8 inch bigger screen with higher resolution
– reasonable PDA design
– better Bluetooth connector, distance: 10M(Without Obstacle)
– no need activation
– no IP and language limitation
– change the setup language yourself

– fast running speed



If you wanna know more about this new x431 v scan tool, you can go to  http://blog.obdexpress.co.uk/?s=Launch+x431 all details you want can be found there.

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