VAUX-COM 2016 download free for Opcom clone


Free download VAUX-COM 2016 Op com software:!BY5nABDD!AFF0INgAQl01B0Sm9wvCOEhcAuojs-S3cH1PGgT4Hqo

Password: CarTechnoloGY


Extract the files in C: and make a shortcut of VAUXCOM: exe for desktop

Inside. There is a folder with all FIRMWARE. and with OCFLASH

I’ve tried it with my OP-COM clone and it works … I have not done it in any car, but I believe it works

VAUX-COM 2016 interface


Astra K is the only one in 2016 in this version
But as previos version vauxcom 120309a +131223d the only things that is working is the one that vauxcom120309a cover
In 2015 version it was fix a bug in Astra H A17DTR and A17DTJ ( check logs file from )
In this version all the mesuring blocks / live data are showed correct
In vauxcom 120309 all the live data/parametres are showed “—”
In real vauxcom 131223d the live data parameters are partial fixed. This mean that the DPF parameters are still “—”
In the opcom 150406 and vauxcom 160115a all this parameters are corect
Check and see.
And this version its working with any firmware version starting with opcom fw1.45. No need newer one because its not usefull at all
The vaucom.exe file don’t know and don’t need newer version of firmware thenopcom fw1.45
But as previos one this mix can be used too if you like just to see newer car in the list
Good luck!