Items from Fine & Never Failed

Has someone already experience with this company? has a warehouse in UK so that items are shipped fast to Europeans and customers can buy things with DUTY FREE.…ivals.html

said company is quite fine,
I often buy from them and never have problems.
Have a nice day

obdexpress-co-uk-review-1 is fine Shop
Order Tools few Years ans never Failed

obdexpress-co-uk-review-2 is fine.
have order some tools from them and never have problems.

obdexpress-co-uk-review-3 is fine.Product is good and service is good!



All Chinese sellers sell similar products and often are limited in their ability to provide detailed tech support. However some will ignore you after they have your money. Some can even be abusive if you have a problem. (Look for a recent thread on a seller who advertises on this forum for more info on this).

There is always an element of risk when you buy a clone. You can limit this by paying with paypal and testing your item as soon as it arrives. If you have a problem open a case asap and then give seller a chance to put it right. If they do then close the case. Do not be stalled until it is too late to open a dispute.

Hope this helps.