How to solve the airmatic compressor only putting out 8.6bar?

I got carried away with experimenting with adjusting the ride height of my car and I dropped my car way too (literally looks like all 4 shocks are completely deflated) and now I can’t get the car back to normal ride height. Whenever I go into the “inflate” options I get a “connection error 8.6000” or something like that. I doubt this helps but I’ve attached my voltage levels from before touching anything.

After I couldn’t raise the car, I ran a test on my airmatic compressor via DAS and it’s only putting out 8.6bar and according to the computer a healthy pump puts out q
14-16bar. Do you think this could be part of my issue?




How to do I disable this message?



Tele Aid works with a whole bunch of other control modules and they look for it to be present, active and fully working. This is dealership quality coding. I expect nothing less than that from a moron mechanic and people who have not understood a thing about the system itself and how it works.

There is a specific setting to disable this message while everything else is still working as expected.

The correct steps are explained in WIS but that means one would actually have to get familiar with WIS, look it up and read it.