How Good Is Yanhua ACDP Full Auth Really Based On Reviews?

Please read these Yanhua ACDP Full Auth reviews, after that you will have idea if it is worth to have.


@ droidwayne65 review

It’s worked fine for me so far but I use it only for EGS stuff.


@ PixelsFixed

Well I’ve used it for:-
CAS3+ reading and writing flash and eeprom. Excellent
FEM/BDC spare keys. Spot on.
Cas4 AKL and spare keys. Spot on.
Locked JLR KVM. Spot on.
FRM Repairs. Again, spot on.

It’s becoming one of my favorite tools.


@ Jimmy07

Done a few CAS3+ and 16 Jag XF with no issues
I never buy Chinese tools direct from China. Yes you will pay more buying from a local supplier but you have some support and can return the tool if it breaks.


also CAS4/4+ no issues



I bought one purely as it was cheap, I needed something for my Comfort Access retrofit that could make keys and read the CAS. This was £300ish and does everything I need. It makes keys flawlessly on CAS4 over OBD. I know it’s not the most expensive but keys over OBD is a great option!



I bought an ACDP mini purely to create new CAS4 keys for my F10 and to clone my CAS4 for a comfort access retrofit. CAS clone worked great and was successful in adding new keys to donor CAS after cloning as well as original keys working ok. Reading CAS4 via ICP working first time every time and I have had no failures or errors. The issue with my method was that cloning the original CAS4 also copied the HWAP which rendered the Comfort Access aspects of the donor CAS inoperable. The solution was given by a friend who decrypted the CAS using a different tool, I think Autohex. I still had to provide the DME ISN for him from ACDP in order to decrypt the CAS data.

ACDP has some usable functions but its certainly not a professional tool. I don’t use the mobile interface, I use the PC software.



True, ACDP is one of the best tools. No soldering and does what it needs to for key making and icp reading of cas.
Explorer is the most cumbersome (you need keytag tool, Ecu explorer needs that you open dme’s e.t.c) but one of the best all round tool, Autohex makes things as easy as can be and also one of the best all round.



I have the newest one my ACDP is only 2 months old. bought FULL BMW ACDP PACKAGE.

CAS3-4 keys no problem with ACDP icp mode of course
FRM repair also works good



I used ACDP  for few keys and coping f series ecus had no issues with that,
tried bdc for key programming wouldn’t connect to bdc via adapter
need more testing but so far for keys on cas4/3 it works good.



Just did CAS4  KR55WK49663 key yesterday worked like a charm, I need to test it on fem and bdc but CAS never had any issues. I also use it from iPhone


To be upgrading…