Audi Q7 AKL solution: both FVDI 2018 and VVDI2 work

Both FVDI 2018 and VVDI2 are confirmed to do learning key for Audi Q7 2007 all keys lost, key transponder 8E,ECU EDC16CP.


  1. Use FVDI 2018 (svci 2018):

Done Audi A6 C6 last week, took out EZS – stering lock, read it ( use xprog or other programmer ) and VVDi2 from fvdi2018 made dealer key and added it to EZS dump. 2 h job. Q7 is the same story.


  1. VVDI2 using tips for Audi Q7 AKL

Read pin+cs from ecu, read with these data full e2 from ezs, prepare transponder, relearn key.

You need to do a force ignition so you can read ecu. Bridge 1 and 16 in obd2 port to force ignition/communication with some modules.


Question: If I go to eeprom from ECU with bdm and eeprom tool from vvdi, I will get the 7th bit of PIN.?

Answer: Yes if you use Dump tool, but You will get 6 bytes , on this car ECU has 6 bytes CS and EVL 12 bytes CS, Cars till 2009 can be done with 6 bytes and Pin OBD with VVDI2.


Update! Solved!

I read the EZS programmer vvdi prog and made a copy of the transponder, and the car started.


Credits to DK members.