OBDSTAR P50 Volvo Airbag Reset Car List (Newest)

OBDSTAR P50 is able to do airbag resetting for Volvo incl. read ECU info, read DTC, erase DTC, read EEPROM, write EEPROM, erase crash and erase event. The new upgrade adds 2 Volvo Part Numbers- S80 9452751 and 9472941 CR16MCS9. Check the newest car list.

obdstar p50 volvo airbag reset car list - OBDSTAR P50 Volvo Airbag Reset Car List (Newest) - OBDSTAR P50 Volvo Airbag Reset Car List


OBDSTAR P50 Volvo Airbag Reset newest Car List:

Volvo car models: C70, S60, S80, V40, V70, XC40, XC60, XC70, XC90,

Part number:

  • 8622187, 8622368, 8645271, 8646434, 8651523
  • 9452751, 9472939, 9472941
  • P30350547
  • P30667469, P30658913
  • P30724152, P30724153, P30737501, P30737504
  • P30782385, P30782386,
  • P31295083, P31275444, P31295112, P31264931, P31295676, P31295741
  • P31318619, P31334279, P31334542, P31340796, P31387523, P31334278, P31387019, P31350547, P31360791, P31387292, P31387534
  • P31360791 Pedestrian, P31387292 Pedestrian, P31406147 Pedestrian, P31406938 Pedestrian
  • P31476261, P31406637, P31423599, P31451752, P31476103, P31476105, P31406630, P31451568, P31451604, P31451730, P31406147, P31406254, P31406534, P31406631, P31406938, P31429510
  • P31658126, P31658130, P31681216, P31681525, P31681532, P31658440
  • P32246116, P32221372, P32221578
  • P32315746, P32315799, P32315584
Brand Model Part Number ECU Manufacture Memory Ecu Info Read DTC Erase DTC Read EEPROM Write EEPROM Erase Crash Other Function
Volvo C70 P31275444 Bosch 95640
Volvo S60 P30667469 Bosch CR16MCS9
Volvo S60 P31318619 Bosch 95128
Volvo S60 P31334279 Bosch 95128
Volvo S60 P31334542 Bosch 95128
Volvo S60 P31340796 Bosch 95128
Volvo S80 8622187 Bosch CR16MCS9
Volvo S80 8622368 Bosch CR16MCS9
Volvo S80 8645271 Bosch CR16MCS9
Volvo S80 8646434 Bosch CR16MCS9
Volvo S80 8651523 Bosch CR16MCS9
Volvo S80 9452751 Bosch CR16MCS9  
Volvo S80 9472939 Bosch CR16MCS9  
Volvo S80 9472941 Bosch CR16MCS9  
Volvo V40 P31360791 Pedestrian XC2361A
Volvo V40 P31387292 Pedestrian XC2361A
Volvo V40 P31406147 Pedestrian XC2361A
Volvo V40 P31406938 Pedestrian XC2361A
Volvo V70 P30782385 Bosch CR16MCS9
Volvo V70 P30782386 Bosch CR16MCS9
Volvo V70 P31295083 Bosch 95640
Volvo V70 P31334278 Bosch 95128
Volvo V70 P31387019 Bosch 95128
Volvo XC40 P31476261 Bosch R7F701330 Erase Event
Volvo XC40 P32246116 Bosch R7F701330 Erase Event
Volvo XC40 P32315746 Bosch R7F701330 Erase Event
Volvo XC40 P32315799 Bosch R7F701330 Erase Event
Volvo XC60 P31387523 Bosch 95128
Volvo XC60 P31406637 Bosch 95128
Volvo XC60 P31423599 Bosch 95128
Volvo XC60 P31451752 Bosch 95128
Volvo XC60 P31476103 Bosch 95128
Volvo XC60 P31476105 Bosch 95128
Volvo XC60 P31658440 Bosch 95128
Volvo XC70 P31264931 Bosch 95640
Volvo XC70 P31295676 Bosch 95640
Volvo XC70 P31295741 Bosch 95640
Volvo XC70 P31406630 Bosch 95128
Volvo XC90 P30658913 Bosch CR16MCS9
Volvo XC90 P30724152 Bosch CR16MCS9
Volvo XC90 P30724153 Bosch CR16MCS9
Volvo XC90 P30737501 Bosch CR16MCS9
Volvo XC90 P30737504 Bosch CR16MCS9
Volvo XC90 P31295112 Bosch CR16MCS9
Volvo XC90 P31451568 TMS570
Volvo XC90 P31451604 TMS570
Volvo XC90 P31451730 TMS570
Volvo XC90 P31658126 TMS570
Volvo XC90 P31658130 TMS570
Volvo XC90 P31681216 TMS570
Volvo XC90 P31681525 TMS570
Volvo XC90 P31681532 TMS570
Volvo XC90 P32221372 TMS570
Volvo XC90 P32315584 TMS570
Volvo Other P30350547 XC2361A
Volvo Other P31350547 XC2361A
Volvo Other P31360791 XC2361A
Volvo Other P31387292 XC2361A
Volvo Other P31387534 XC2361A
Volvo Other P31406147 XC2361A
Volvo Other P31406254 XC2361A
Volvo Other P31406534 XC2361A
Volvo Other P31406631 XC2361A
Volvo Other P31406938 XC2361A
Volvo Other P31429510 XC2361A
Volvo Other P32221578 XC2361A


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