VAG Pro 5.5.1 – good thing in good price, said a user

I’m using VAG PRO cable (VCP+K) for one year now. What I can tell about it?

  1. OCF is VERY useful, the DPF reg. always works, sometimes it lose connection or cannot finish procedure but you can always press cancel, clear DTC and reg. is done. All in all, most of OCF functions works, sometimes not but you will see on your own.
    2. mk60ec1 recoding– used 3 times, always worked, worth to buy.
    3. Flasher– yup, it’s good, pretty fast (always use battery charger)
    4. DTC and autoscan– VCDS is 10x better for that.
    5. Cable is little bit stiff, be careful with it (I broke my cable once, but they repaired interface for free), also you must plug in special USB key so be careful with it too.
    6. Updates– at least one in month, done by special program “Aktywator”, easy to use. Filemanagment- new feature also makes things simple with ZDC files.
    7. ZDC files– files made by VCP staff, used for repairing for example MMI faults. Never used by me, but my friend enjoyed it.
    8. If you are using VCDS you will notice that it looks familiar, but it’s very specific program which you will get used to it.
    9. If you have antivirus program turn it off when using VCP, it may make some trouble. But don’t worry it’s safe.
  2. My opinion: good thing in good price. It can do some things that VCDS can’t, OCF will make your life much easier, it takes time to understand how this software works, it still need some fixes, it sometimes gives you headache but it’s definitely worth to buy as second software for VAG after VCDS.


other vag pro 5.5.1 reviews:

** Audi A4 8E B6 owner says:

This model has a can-bus (TP1.6), but it is not connected to the diagnostic socket. The car is fully diagnosed on the K-line (VCP required interface + K). Used protocols KWP2000 and KWP1281 it.

** Audi A4 8E, B7 owner says:
This model has a CAN BUS TP2.0, but the diagnostic socket is only connected to the so-called CAN-Antrieb, i.e. Engine, transmission, airbags, ABS, Quattro drive.
In addition, a standard K-line. In other words, VCP fully supports the diagnosis B7 models, but only in the CAN-Antrieb. Other controllers are available through the K-Line and KWP2000 KWP1281 protocols.

** Mike talks about differences between VAG PRO (VCP) and VCDS:
I have both, and can say with absolute certainty that VCP does NOT replace VCDS in any way.
VAG Commander is a tool used to retrieve and modify information from the program area of the ECU.
VCDS will give full access to all control modules in the car for diagnostic purposes. It will not allow you to modify the program memory of any ECU. Having said that, VCDS does allow you to “code” a module – selecting different factory installed options. All diagnostic procedures performed by the factory tool at the dealer can be performed using the VCDS tool. In fact, the tool design is made to conform with the same terminology used on the factory tool so that factory repair information can be used with the VCDS tool.
s on your PC. VCDS only supports the functions built into the modules that were intended by the designers for diagnosing problems and effecting repair of those problems.


Special thanks to the use’s real feedback on VAG PRO 5.5.1

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