(Fixed) vag can pro “Error opening communication with ECU”

vag can pro clone error description: Today I received china clone vag can pro. I can connect to 01- engine without problems, but connection to others units isn’t possible. I got a message after trying to connect: Error opening communication with ECU.

vag-can-pro-error-opening-communication-with-ecu-01 vag-can-pro-error-opening-commuication-with-ecu-02 vag-can-pro-error-opening-communication-with-ecu-03 vag-can-pro-error-opening-communication-with-ecu-04



in my case of vag can pro clone i have problem with bad soldering… i did check all the soldering and fix what it seems to be bad or poor soldering. After this i have no problem connecting to all of controlers on my car.


here are pictures of my VCP clone… at this point all works:

vag-can-pro-error-opening-communication-with-ecu-05 vag-can-pro-error-opening-communication-with-ecu-06 vag-can-pro-error-opening-communication-with-ecu-07 vag-can-pro-error-opening-communication-with-ecu-08



ok, I see what’s wrong, pin 1 to 3 on my board are not soldered and pin 9 to 13 on the other side are not soldered, I’ll get VCP to work and let you know how I got on, cheers.


Good luck.