KD-X2 Transponder and Remote copier feedback, update etc (All tech info)

If you are looking for a complete info on KEYDIY KD-X2 Transponder and Remote copier, you’ve come to the right place. This post includes KD-X2 test reports, firmware update, KD-X2 Vs Handy Baby Vs vvdi key tool.



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Part 1: KEYDIY KD-X2 feedback / test reports

Part 2: KEYDIY KD-X2 Vs handy baby VS xhorse key tool (Test Reports)

Part 3: KEYDID KD-X2 Firmware Update tutorial

Part 4: How to get keydiy kd-x2 ID48 clone authorization for free?

Part 5: use OBDSTAR DP tablet on Keydiy software successfully


Part 1: KEYDIY KD-X2 feedback / test reports

I’ve done touran 2004 &2005. 1k0959753G worked fine.


succeeded cloning ID48 chip on Golf 6 2010 Online.


I use CN3 for clone ID46.


Did a 2007 Range Rover L322 – with the weird Jag/Ford hybrid Sawdoc immobiliser today.
Copied chip to CN3 in seconds. No trouble at all.


Renew Mini original 7945 848Mhz: OK
Dodge fobik chinese 7961: OK


2006-2008 Range Rover L322 with hybrid Sawdoc immobiliser.
NB integrated remote (BMW EWS) cloned and working perfectly in seconds.


– Renault cards with 7941 OK!
– Megane/Laguna/Scenic with HF OK!
– Clio Smart Key AES285971998R 4A cant connect to transponder


First look its nice, chip read fast, remote frequency test work good. It has one interesting function, simulate remote by tool and android app.


For now kd-x2 precode many remote. You can’t copy proxy key, keydiy work to make universal proxy key.


For copy id48 chip

48 chip clone is not yet activated, manufacturer said that it will have an update on May to enable some function.

KeyDIY factory is moving their online server. They will do an update in May, after the update, all KD X-2 can activate 96 bit 48 clone functions freely by the update 96 bit 48 clone functions cost tokens. You can gain tokens by generating remotes using KD X-2 . Generate 5 remotes, gain one tokens.


KD-X2 can clone transponder, as you can see in the following picture, the 46Chip locked 7936 is allowed to copy.

Hyundai Starex-01


KEYDIY KD-X2 identifies Chip Type in 5 steps:

Put the chip you want to identify into the chip slot, then press the “Chip Identification” button.

Here some images of real test reports:

Pic 1: 4C clone.



Pic 2: 10T5 identification.


Pic 3: 46 chip identification.



Image 4: 48 chip identification



Image 5: 4A chip identification



Keydiy KD-X2 4.6.2 update unlock used remotes perfectly

I just updated Keydiy KD-X2 to version 4.6.2 and the REMOTE UNLOCK option is now available.

Unlock key means in this case unlocking used keys so they can be reused , thus cutting costs on new keys by unlocking and using 2nd hand keys.

keydiy-kd-x2-4-6-2-unlock-used-remotes-bmw-07 keydiy-kd-x2-4-6-2-unlock-used-remotes-bmw-08 keydiy-kd-x2-4-6-2-unlock-used-remotes-bmw-09



Aygo 2011, remote made by keydiy, with a V3 pcb.
I could not get it programmed.
During the programming, the car reacts to the kd remote.
After programming cycle, it does not work anymore.
Only the original remote.

I tried several Times.
Could the cars maximum off remotes be reached?

How to erase all remotes?


New update:

 I Just finished,
I made a non v3.0 kd key, using the 2005-2014 Aygo update.
And it works perfect.
Door locks cycle 1 time, accepted.
Tried with pre update kd remote, door cycle 2 Times, not accepted.
And a big thank you, to the K.D engineers, for this fast follow up.

The old original remote kept working, after programming of only the new. No erasing.


Part 2: KEYDIY KD-X2 Vs handy baby VS xhorse key tool (Test Reports)

  1. Generally speaking, the tool looks very good, it is this very small display compared to other tools on the market.


  1. For now VVDI key tool is better to chip copy, kd-x2 precode many remote. I use both now and i am weiting for update on kd soft.


  1. vvdi key tool you need tokens for id48 96 bit cloning , tokens are $8 each , handy baby now use tokens for 96 bit as well which are alot dearer .speaking to kd , they havnt made the decision yet on tokens or how much tokens will be for 96 bit id48 .keyline use no tokens but the gkm chips are £15 .silca use no tokens and silca 48 currently around £12 for the id48 chip ( rumours of their about to go up in price )both above clone in just a few minutes and token free .xhorse vvdi key tool tokens are $8usd plus cost of chiphandy baby cheap chip but expensive tokenat the end of the day its the speed to clone , the cost to clone and the chip price that will dictate the best tool , the token and chip prices may make silca and keyline competative as token free and very fast and reliable , time will tell.

    the cost of the machine is not a factor , the cost of consumables ie tokens and chips is far more important , as a decent saving to produce the chip will soon negate the cost of the kit , once all consumable prices are known then it becomes easier to decide on best machine .

    I have silca , keyline and handy baby options already , i have a kdx-2 on way to test for a uk distributor , soon id48 will be just another key to clone . with silca about to release ford 80 bit cloning im sure the rest will have it too in no time .


  1. Keydiy KD-X2 fail then use Hany Baby (Test results)

1). Ford/Mazda and KIA/Hyundai 6e (4d 80 bit) chip cloning

For now, i use Handy Baby to make this. Very good cloner.

The key maker save me one H1 2002, tango, vvdi2, EFFi no one recognise this 4D dump.

Generated with Handy make and VVDI recognised.

While Keydiy KD-X2 was just released in November 2018 year.


2). 1. Just tried decode id83 focus 80bits with Keydiy KD-X2. Failed after 99%. Use handy Baby success in 10s.

Id70 80bit Kia Ok.


3). Used Keydiy KD-X2 and failed to clone a BMW 80 bit chip. Then, I have done this with handybaby.


  1. Keydiy KD-X2 fail then use VVDI key tool.

1) kdx-03 id46 clone transponders.

I used them to clone a pcf7946 Clio key.

Clone ok, car not start.

Then i used a vvdi id46, car starts.


2) I also use KD-X2 failed to clone a 4D63 80 bit but used VVDI Keytool and it cloned fine. Handy Baby is okay too.


Part 3: KEYDIY KD-X2 Firmware Update tutorial

Power on the Keydiy kd-x2 machine

keydiy-kd-x2-firmware-update-1 keydiy-kd-x2-firmware-update-2

Run the Key diy app

keydiy-kd-x2-firmware-update-3 keydiy-kd-x2-firmware-update-4

Set up Bluetooth connection:

Tab Bluetooth Setting, then Search


Pair the Keydiy machine and the mobile


New firmware is found. Update it


Connect Keydiy with the USB charger, then update firmware


Start update

keydiy-kd-x2-firmware-update-9 keydiy-kd-x2-firmware-update-10 keydiy-kd-x2-firmware-update-11

Keydiy file update is finished. Wait for the automatic restart

keydiy-kd-x2-firmware-update-12 keydiy-kd-x2-firmware-update-13


Note: it will take several minutes for the whole update procedure

Pls wait for it patiently

Suring the update, DO NOT operate the phone

If the update fails, you can also you the PC software to update


Functions and Features


Part 4: How to get keydiy kd-x2 ID48 clone authorization for free?

  1. It will be charging 150 kd-coins for each key or $10usd token for each , you earn free k coins for every remote you generate with kdx2 , you will get 20 k coins for each remote you generate with it , so every 8 remotes you generate you will get 1 free id48 clone , you cannot transfer tokens from other kd units to kdx2 as different tokens .


  1. In mobile app you need make verification with your mobile phone number (IOS or Android is ok). once verified and registered within the app you will receive 50 kd-coins.

keydiy-kdx2-id48-copy-01 keydiy-kdx2-id48-copy-02


How to make verification?

Step 1: Tap “Me”.

Step 2: Tap “Certification”.

Step 3: Verify both sides of your ID card.

Step 4: You can see you user authorization succeed 50 KD-coins.

Step 5: You can tap “My KD-coins” to check how many kcoins you have.



  1. Where to purchase k coins, can it be done through the app?

The answer is there’s no details of where and how to buy these yet , but they will be able to be bought , you can earn free K coins as follows:
1) every time you generate a remote using kdx2 you will recieve 20 free k coins
2) every time you clone to a 46chip remote you receive 10 extra k coins


  1. If in the store we are two operators how to synchronize kd-x2? to accumulate points?

Answer: As long as you both log in to same account on phone app and use the same kdx2 then points will go to same account , but if using another log in they will go to different accounts , also remotes generated by kd900 , ks900+ and kd200 cannot get points


Part 5: use OBDSTAR DP tablet on Keydiy software successfully.

OBDSTAR DP tablet works together with Keydiy by Bluetooth KD-X dedicated cable.

You can see it identifies 40 72.



  1. On the obdstar DP tablet, you can see:

4D+ of large capacity DST80


Toyota G master key

72G chip Toyota/Lexus

obdstar-x300-dp-and-kdx2-2 obdstar-x300-dp-and-kdx2-3

  1. Remote Functions display on DP pad.



  1. You can see the icon “Mobile KD KeyDIY” which is installed on the DP.


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