MB SD C4 Plus has no signal, how to solve?

MB SD C4 Plus does not work and stays on the device name number. After the user deletes the configuration for several times, the laptop number still needs to be the same as the device number, but the 01 name will still be displayed, but the device will not reset the name number 01 to 00.


What I have are (623EURO not incl. shipping cost):

MB SD C4 Plus (Item No. SP100-E)

Xentry OpenShell Software (with HHT-WIN, DTS Monaco & Vediamo)

Xentry Diagnostic Pad

Xentry installation service

Mb Sd C4 Plus Has No Signal 01 Mb Sd C4 Plus Has No Signal 02 Mb Sd C4 Plus Has No Signal 03 Mb Sd C4 Plus Has No Signal 04


obdexpress.co.uk engineer solution:

Need to upgrade MB SD C4 Plus firmware.

Here are detailed procedure: