How to renew W230 EIS with VVDI MB Tool?


I did the stupid mistake to renew a W230 EIS (customer vehicle), because some else wanted to enter the VIN (he had problems in Xentry/DAS).
I first saved the EIS Data in both provided formats with xhorse MB BGA Tool, and clicked on renew EIS.
This was successful and the EIS is now impersonalized. Now neither can I write a VIN (no OBD communication) nor can rewrite the state back to the chip.
And all the keys are disabled (see attachment). Now I can’t even start the engine (the owner will soon be mad at me).

The MCU is Motorla SC510108CFU (4J74Y). Could not be read by VVDI prog. Tried with Immobilizer->BENZ->EIS-W230(4J74Y)
Resoldered wires 5 times, tried to read countless times.
Part number: 230545xxxx

I have another used EIS with bit different part number and the ST12 1L59W Chipset, but I wasn’t able to retrieve the Keypassword out of it.
Partnumber: 23054xxxxx
I managed to read the used EIS. All bins from BGA Tool and VVDI Prog are in the attachment (Including VIN)

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Finally worked!

I was able to write the VIN and EIS data back on the bench. Worked like a charm after connecting VCC, GND and K-Line (the blue alligator clip on the BGA TOOL OBD cable make so much sense now)

How To:
1. Connect EIS directly to OBD by enhancing my already existing bench cable set (W230 was missing) with pin cable from my old arduino days
2. Typed in VIN and wrote it via OBD (not possible over IR) to the EIS –> Successful
3. Loaded backup EIS data and wrote it back to EIS via IR
4. Read EIS Data again to verify that “Personalized” is checked and the previous keys are “used”
5. To activate the EIS (last checkbox), go to “Other Function->Customer Request->Set Type to W230(K)->click on connect” when connection successful, click on “Activate EIS” Button. Repeat “Connect” but if it fails and check your wiring.
6. Read EIS Data again and verify that “Activated” is checked as well.
7. Try to turn existing programmed keys -> they should turn now
8. Reassemble EIS to car and start the engine


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