Fgtech Ktag Kess unlock/read/write Simos PCR2.1

It helps how to unlock, read and writeSimos PCR2.1 from VW Golf VI 1.6tdi. Look here:   i have past last week trying many thinks on pcr2.1 and bench flashing . everything written below is tested and confirmed working by me on 4 ecus /cars ,only on chinese clone not reworked unit : fgtech v54 Continue Reading →

Actia Multidiag clone,Buying Guide


I want to buy an Actia Multi diag China clone. On the http://www.obdexpress.co.uk/ I see prices between 160-300USD. What is the difference, only software version? Can someone tell me which I should buy? Will I be able to install 2016 software on cheap 160$ version?     Clone Actia Multi Continue Reading →

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