(Tested) Which one VCM II works?

I found some Ford VCM II’s work, some do not..(even when the seller says they can do PCM updates).

This one VCM-II works:
I can verify it does seem to run faultless & already wifi enabled.

This one VCM-II works:
It’s done all I’ve asked off it, Pcm update, pump/inj learns, config. Runs fine on my w7 notebook and iPhone.

The software IDS comes with it, it can be updated but it’s not licensed, no fees involved. If you’re just using for yourself and friends, you should be good to go. For most of us with Transit machines pre~2012 the V86.04 software and C81 calibrations should cover most. I stand corrected as usual and Loot will probably be along shortly to give some more info.

I’m using an old Toshiba lappy, old pentium, 4gb ram… running XP….nothing else on it though…works fine. I understand W7 works fine also.

Some run IDS on netbooks, tablets and all sorts….Some of the VCM II units (SP-177C) have Wi-Fi as well. I still use a USB cable though, personal preference I guess.

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