K+DCAN INPA cable works well on BMW Airbag ABS/SBS

Hello, all. Here I’d like to share my experience with INPA K+DCAN cable for my BMW E63.

Just got INPA cable for months, shipped with my clone ICOM A2 package and as a gift. I would have thought that it was just a cheap gift couldn’t work well, so that I never thought to have a try. Last week, my friend Ken said he wanted to buy a K+DCAN cable, which reminded me of my old gift. Decided to try my INPA cable and give away to Ken if it works well still.

You see my BMW cable, brand-new.
K+DCAN cable-1
K+dcan interface inside, looks good.
K+DCAN cable-2
K+DCAN cable-3
After reading the PCB, I thought I might look down on this gift. International design, you know.

Then I connect K+DCAN interface with my E63 and the USB port of the laptop.

When INPA starts, the following screen is displayed:
INPA cable-4
Press F2 for the E36 options.

From the dialog, I select Body and then Airbag to have a try.
INPA cable-5
The following menu is displayed:
INPA cable-6
Pressing F2 shows the Airbag Ident screen:
INPA cable-7
The part number 8374798 relates to the Airbag Control Module, full part number, which according to BMW Fans, was not fitted beyond September ’98, but seems to have been fitted to my January ’99 built zed. The unit was manufactured in week 38 ’98, which would have been September ’98, but was not coded until January when my car left the production line.

Pressing F3 shows the Airbag Code screen:
INPA cable-8
This correctly indicates that my car has no seat occupancy sensor, that I have a drivers airbag, but not a passenger, I have seatbelt pre-tensioners both sides, and as is normal with the Z3, I have no searbelt buckle switches (on other BMW models these control the display of the seatbelt telltale).

Pressing F4 shows the Airbag Error screen:
INPA cable-9
So all good there.

Press F10 to return the airbag menu.

Pressing F5 shows the Airbag Status screen:
INPA cable-10
This looks like there are two separate checks for ground and supply, which will be what bring the airbag light on when you have a dodgy seat connector and move the seat.

Done!! Cheap but cool BMW cable. Ken would love it.