Bluetooth WIFI VEPCKER Easydiag v8.1 has been released at Free download the latest VEPCKER v8.1 software and get the update news here.

Free download VEPCKER setup v8.1:

Version: V8.1
Update online
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, 10

VEPCKER v8.1 update info & new features:
1- add important functions like “Maintenance Service System”, ” Feedback”, “Data Management” etc.
vpecker-easydiag-battery-configuration (1)

2- add BATTERY CONFIGURATION in”Maintenance Service System” (“MSS”)
Maintenance service focus on daily maintenance special functions, such as Oil reset, EPB, TPMS, ABS Bleeding, DPF, ETS, Injector, Battery configuration(newly-added), etc.
vpecker-easydiag-battery-configuration (2)

3- find your screen shot and downloaded Application in the Data Management section
vpecker-easydiag-battery-configuration (3)

4- easy to contact the engineer from “Feedback” section for technical support
vpecker-easydiag-battery-configuration (4)

5- NEW CARS’ DATA has been added to the software’s database, as the detail chart below displays
vpecker-easydiag-battery-configuration (5)

So far, VEPCKER Easydiag v8.1 can do Quick test, read ECU info, read/ erase DTCs, idle speed learning, Ecu initial startup, ECU initialization, and perform Special functions like Oil reset, EPB, TPMS, ABS Bleeding, DPF, ETS, Injector, Battery configuration, etc.

And Customer Feedback on Vpecker:
1) At least this Vpecker does DPF regens easily. My DS-150e can’t even do that although it is listed as one of it’s functions. Even with DieselMax installed I couldn’t force a DPF regen on any VWs or BMWs.
2) Tested today on Kia Cerato petrol,and finally some result, it haves options like launch idiag only one function is not there and that is brake fluid bleeding,all the rest functions are the same.
So far all cars that i have tested this one is the first one that haves some extra functions…
3) What it can do more with special functions its for Toyota, Honda, Scion. But since it is original interface and software price is ok for it
4) I have tried today on VW Golf MK IV 1.9 tdi, haves a lot of functions, this time even more then launch idiag,it haves even guided function, and a lot special functions, and login, that is the first that vpecker works even better…
5) So for now vpecker is good becuause it is even more faster then launch and original for good price, but not even close to delphi or launch because of the functions that it cannot do.
6) I have tested today on ASTRA J 2011 1.7 cdti wroks ok,haves special functions not a lot but ok. But it works until 2011,..
7) BMW 530d E60 engine connect , but only read/erase fault code and live data, service reset
(Tested) Vpecker can do injector cooding for a part of Toyota models.