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How to install WinOLS 2.24: (big thanks to skynete)




Follow this tutorial to the letter installation


  1. Instaler (SETUP)



  1. Put the file [EVC_key.dll] and the file [EVClicenceMOD.dll] and the file [loader_ols_32bit]


in C: Program files \ EVC


(be careful not to put them in the WINOLS folder but in EVC !!!!)


once the files dont touch anything for now !!!!



  1. Then install [WinOLS_Testversion] at the end of the instalation launch it by doing all the

next time and ok without changing anything until opening the demo version then once winols open the close leaving



  1. Return to C: Program files \ EVC select [loader_ols_32bit] and click on it, a window will open

by displaying a message “Restart app!”



  1. Menu started / then control panel / add or remove programs / enssuite only uninstall the program [WinOLS 2.14.03]



  1. Return to C: Program files \ EVC select [loader_ols_32bit] and right click the mouse select send-to (desktop creates a shortcut)



  1. Then on the desktop suprimmer the icon WinOLS (Be careful not to launch the program !!!!)

and this only serve as [loader_ols_32bit] to launch winols !!!



  1. Click [loader_ols_32bit] on the desktop to wait for winols to open, then close it again !!



  1. Click [loader_ols_32bit] on the desktop if while loading winols before the open you see registered

below the registered loading bar “REGISTERED TO CAR-LINK” is that it’s good !!


Here are now made good use;)



Part 2: Tested Version – WinOLS 2.24 & 1.500


No one holds responsibility of the WinOLS link above. Good luck!


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How to install WinOLS on your laptop: (credits to

First install WinOLS_Testversion.exe & launch program, configure as required

Once the application is opened close it & uninstall via “Add or Remove Programs” via control panel or “Programs & Features” (W7)

Navigate to C:\Program Files

Now copy / paste the “EVC” folder to this location. If you get a question about folder replacement answer “YES TO ALL”

Now navigate to C:\Program Files\EVC

Right click on “loader_ols_32_XP_free.exe” then select send shortcut to desktop (You can rename it later)

Now run the program using the shortcut & you will get a message about the License key completed, click OK

Now run again the program & configure as required ….You should now have a registered version of WinOLS 2.24



Now you can use WinOLS with security and relief

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