Troubleshoot Saab OG 9-3 SE’s with GM Tech2 Clone

Car model and year: (2) Saab OG 9-3 SE’s (2000 and 2001)



I have an engine gremlin that is driving me nuts and I know that a new ignition will be needed soon for one of the cars, so it would be nice to be able to sort these out on my own.


Purpose: to troubleshoot engine and convertible top issues I am having and/or will have with the cars.


Saab scanner to consider:  Chinese GM Tech 2

I paid €391 shipped for one with everything (including a case),  literally last week. Looks like the price has gone back up a little, but after you factor in shipping, you’re getting the CANdi module and the case for basically $20 extra, which seems worth it to me.

gm tech2 clone troubleshoot saab og 9 3 se 01 - Troubleshoot Saab OG 9-3 SE’s with GM Tech2 Clone


Image Source (with case):


Question: It seems the the OG models do not use the Candi model or the TIS2000 software. Is this correct?


Here are my personal point of view:

OG9-3 does not need CANdi.
The only reason for having TIS2000 is to be able to update the software on the cars. That’s unlikely to be necessary at this point.

The TIS2000 that comes with the clones is not useful in any case. And to set up the computer for programming can involve a lot of work getting the computer to talk to the Tech II. So unless this is your hobby, just a plain Tech II with Saab V148 card is all you need.


However, I would point out, though, that it never hurts to have the CANdi module if you need to help other enthusiasts who would require that, or if, in the future, you were to get a newer car that required it.



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